Corporate Social Responsibility

Our commitment to philanthropy and goodwill was established many years ago and focuses primarily on supporting charities. We have an ongoing charity policy in place and our recent charities, among others, have been:


Mother Teresa:

mere_therese_Mother Teresa is an orphanage run by missionaries of charity who come from all parts of the world. B.N.B donates a part of its sale proceeds to support the orphanage. Every year, B.N.B also donates bales of clothing, shoes, and food for the children, the sick and abandoned adults as well as the volunteers who work tirelessly to ensure the well being of the orphans.



Operation Smile:

Operation Smile is an international organization that strives to put a permanent smile on the faces of babies, young adults, and even older men and women who are born with cleft lift or cleft palate.

Every year, a team of Operation Smile doctors and volunteers are gathered in Kinshasa, D.R.C to conduct surgeries on those less privileged. We, at B.N.B, donate money in addition to items such as bed sheets and toys for all patients.